COMP 212: Functional Programming

Homework Assignments

Homeworks will have both a programming and a written part.

Name Date Out Date In Links
1: Basics 2 Feb Wed 8 Feb, 1:00pm written, code (right click and Save as...)
2: Numbers 9 Feb Wed 15 Feb, 1:00pm programming, hw02.sml, written
3: Lists 16 Feb Wed 22 Feb, 1:00pm problems, hw03.sml, written handin
4: Analysis and Sorting 23 Feb Wed 1 Mar, 1:00pm problems, code, written handin
5: Trees 2 Mar Fri 10 Mar, 11:59pm problem description, written handin, support code (save in same folder as handin file), handin file, code for challenge problem
6: Datatypes 16 Mar Th 30 Mar, 11:59pm handout, code
7: Functions 30 Mar Wed 5 Apr, 1:00pm written, handout, code, library code
8w: Sequence Analysis, HOF Proof 6 Apr Wed 12 Apr, 1:00pm written
8: Barnes-Hut 6 Apr Th 20 Apr, 11:59pm programming, code, sequence library (see lab), visualizer
9: Modules 20 Apr Th 27 Apr, 11:59pm handout, code, challenge code,
10: Machine Learning 28 Apr Wed 10 May, 11:59pm programming, code, data (big file)
Final Challenge Problems 11 May Friday May 19, 11:59pm problems, code


Name Date Links
Lab 1: Basics/Software Installation 1 Feb handout, lab01.sml (right click and Save Link as lab01.sml in your comp212 folder),
Lab 2: Numbers 8 Feb handout, lab02.sml, proof solution, code solution,
Lab 3: Lists 15 Feb handout, lab03.sml, code solution, proof solution
Lab 4: Analysis 22 Feb handout, lab04.sml, code solution, written solution
Lab 5: Trees 1 Mar handout, lab05.sml, code solution, written solution
Homework help session 8 Mar
Lab 7: Functions 29 Mar handout, lab07.sml solutions
Lab 8: Sequences 5 Apr handout, code, solutions, sequence library
Lab 9: Modules 12 Apr handout, code
Homework Help session 19 Apr
Homework Help session 26 Apr
Lab 10: Input-Output 3 May handout, code, solutions
Homework Help Session 10 May

Dates for assignments beyond the one currently out are tentative at this point.